Creating an atmosphere where the word and the voice of God can be heard …

2 Kings 3 vrs 10 -15
So this story always gives me the greatest inspiration and my desire is to be a not just a song leader but a Minstrel

Many times we get to praise and worship and we lose sight of the purpose and the power that is in this segment. Not only is this the only segment that is entirely for God, it is in there also he is found as it says in Psalms 23:2, God inhabits in the praises of his people. So even while we are praising we should connect with him as we are giving him praise not only in worship. 

Back to the story in 2 Kings 3:11 we find that Elisha the prophet had been called to a dilemma and these kings wanted him to enquire of the Lord and give them an answer . We see then in verse 15 that before Elisha could hear from God he asked for a Minstrel. The bible says as the minstrel played, the hand and power of God came upon Elisha and he prophesied.

It is our job as worshippers including instrumentalists to create such atmospheres, to praise God with such revelation and love that we touch his heart . In such atmospheres nothing is impossible. I wouldn’t want to stand in the way of God’s will, we can actually hinder the presence of God, even hinder his word from being spoken. 

There is so much to praise and worship that goes beyond us. It’s important that we know we are not entertainers. We are Minstrels. We aim to touch the heart of God with our sincerity, our love for him and unshaken faith in him. Let’s strive to go further in our praise and worship for him.

Much love


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