The struggle is real but God is Stronger…

There is something about the human nature that seeks to be accepted. To fit in and to feel loved. When it comes to doing God’s will that can be a hinderance.

I have come to the realisation that the struggle is real. This is because we have an enemy the devil who is in this world and he will fight you, making you afraid of being an ambassador of Christ Jesus.

It seems people love you more when you do what they are comfortable with.  Now this determines wether you do the will of God  or not. The fear of being judged or being too different.

People will always have something to say wether you do something or not. The truth is that when you are in Christ you are a partaker of his sufferings 1 Peter 4:13, In as much as we also share in his Glory. If the world hated Jesus, it will also hate those who stand for him.

An understanding of this truth will help you in your walk with Christ Jesus. You know that it’s going to be hard, people will not always agree with you. What matters is that you complete your assignment and that you know your actions are not in vain.  God rewards those who deligently seek him Heb 11:6.

Now the secret is knowing the power that is available to you at the cross in the name of Jesus Christ son of the living God.  It’s  your unshaken faith in the knowledge that you can overcome any struggle as Jesus overcome. In this world you will have trouble but take heart Jesus has overcome the world, John 16:33.

I pray that you are encouraged and that you stand for God by doing his will. Knowing that his divine power has given us everything we need to overcome and live a life that glorifies God. 2 Peter 1:3

Fight and win !!

Much love 


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