The art of Submission 

         (March 2016, I learnt submission to God will through devastating events)

Happy New year reader, May God cause you to prosper immensely as you submit to his will. Maybe one of these days l will share with you what happened to me last year that transformed my life. There was purpose in my pain and l learnt to submit to God. So the past few days God has been really pressing my heart to share about submission.

Jesus Christ the son of God demonstrates his submission to God in various occasions throughout his time on earth. One occasion we find in (Matthew 27:50 AMP), it says that Jesus voluntarily, sovereignly dismissed his spirit from his body in submission to his Father’s plan. If you read on in that chapter you find that as soon as he did that heaven responded immediately. I believe that the moment you truly submit to God your life will never be the same again.

Submission to God must therefore be a voluntary act, a complete go ahead to God, to his purposes and his will. My main focus today is James 4:7 AMP, it is written 

“Submit to (the Authority of God) Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

For the longest time l can testify that the part l knew mostly  from James 4:7 was about resisting the devil. But God began to speak to me about this verse. Many at times we want the devil to flee from our finances, our families, our lives but we haven’t submitted to the authority of God first.

Usually we like to act against the will of God and then not want to face the consequences. For example “How can you not give a tenth of your offering and then want to rebuke the devourer? You don’t want to submit to God’s commands about giving but you want to resist the devil in your finances.

Dear reader when you give way to God hence submission you have a cover against the devil. God becomes your cover. Some demons and evil spirits will never flee unless you submit to God. Lack of obedience to God , lack of yielding to his will, leads to you not having a cover. You try to resist the enemy and he keeps returning to you.

The verses that lead to verse 7 of James 4 talk about things to avoid, even naming the generation that is friends with the world an adulterous generation. It flirts with the world, refuses to submit to God’s ways hence it becomes an enermy to God.

You may be asking well how do l submit to God, well first if you haven’t received Jesus Christ in your heart and made him your Lord and Saviour you need to by praying the prayer of Salvation. If you are already saved then repent before the Lord.

Ultimately, allowing the yourself to continuously live by the spirit, being guided by the spirit, its will and purpose will help you and is the art of submission.  Romans 8:7

You see, the mind of the flesh is actually hostile to God and it is unable to submit to God, as it pursues sin and to gratify the needs of the flesh.

You however live by the spirit! You will resist the devil in the name of Jesus Christ the son of the living God, in whom you are submitted to, in whom you live, breathe and have your being.

Now l always say l am not perfect, l write this to share as God would have pressed on my heart to. I am also learning the art of submission.

I hope you are encouraged to submit your ways to God.

Much love 

In his service 


4 thoughts on “The art of Submission 

  1. Hello blogger,

    First of all congratulations! I see you are a new blogger. Keep going. May your love for the Lord continue to inspire you.
    Can I suggest that you update your ‘About’ page so that readers can ‘like’ or leave a comment if they want to?

    And again, kudos to you in tackling an unpopular topic: submission!

    Liked by 1 person

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