Zeal drowned by Emotions

I honestly can’t believe l haven’t written in almost a year 😩. I love writing, there are a lot of things love to do that l haven’t done for months. On pondering what happened l realised that my zeal had been drowned by my emotions.

Zeal can be defined as passion, whilst emotion as we know is the l think, l feel mainly associated with our mood.

That my friends is where l got tangled. I allowed how l felt to determine what l did. And my zeal for writing, my passion for doing what l knew was right was stolen by my feelings πŸ˜”. Have you ever been there? That my friends is the battle of life.

And l am here to encourage you never to lose your passion.

How then can we stop our zeal from being drowned by our emotions?

  1. Remember that your emotions lie, they really do. Therefore question them.
  2. Don’t burn out, Feed your Spirit all the time, and allow God to fill you up, you can’t give what you don’t have.
  3. Walk by faith not by what you see or how you feel.
  4. Be future focused, don’t be caught up in the now.
  5. Walk by the spirit, we are spirit beings, we never walk by how we feel .

*How do you keep your passion?, please share l would love to know .

5 thoughts on “Zeal drowned by Emotions

  1. Hello dear blogger,
    Nice to see your smiling face on the scene again. I do understand what you mean. I walked around for years saying I had a passion to write but only doing so once in a blue moon.
    I think action is what keeps the passion going, having a goal towards which you are working and knowing your “why” (as in why do you write?).
    I have my breaks away from blogging every now and again and I’ve noticed my zeal for it wanes when not writing regular posts. However, I am pleased that I’ve now developed a regular writing habit, so even if not producing blog posts, I’m still writing in my journals or working on a project.
    Best wishes and I do hope you’ll find a way to break through into consistency.

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